Routine Maintenance for Electric Vehicles

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Because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts to work on, they can be easier to maintain than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. However, routine maintenance is still a big factor in optimizing performance. If you’re wondering how to best take care of your luxury EV, our Mercedes-Benz service center in Selma is here to help!

EV Battery Maintenance

As one of the most crucial parts of an EV, it’s important to keep the battery charged, avoid overcharging, or discharging it completely. Many EVs have a built-in battery management system that helps maintain the battery’s health, though it’s essential to refer to your model’s user manual for proper battery care recommendations.

Brake Maintenance for EVs

Electric vehicles utilize regenerative braking, which can reduce wear and tear on the brake pads, but it’s still important for your EV to have regular brake inspections and other necessary services like brake fluid flush and replacement.

Tire Maintenance for EVs

Tire maintenance is incredibly important for any vehicle, and possibly even more so for electric vehicles. EVs are heavier than traditional vehicles due to the battery’s weight, which can put more stress on your tires, increasing the importance of proper tire care. Your EV’s tires should be checked regularly for wear and tear, rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles, and replaced when necessary.

Cooling and Electrical System Maintenance for EVs

EVs have a cooling system that helps regulate the battery’s temperature, and given the critical role that the battery plays, it’s key that the cooling system works properly. Our certified Mercedes-Benz technicians can perform regular cooling system checks for leaks or damage, and tend to any problems as needed.

EVs also have complex electrical systems that require periodic checks to ensure they’re functioning properly. If there are any faults or issues with these or related systems, our service team can take a look and work on what’s necessary, so you can safely return to the road in no time.

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If your Mercedes-Benz EV needs one or more of these services, you can schedule a service appointment with us at our Selma service center. If you have any questions about electric vehicle routine maintenance or EVs in general, you can always contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Selma.

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