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If your Mercedes-Benz air conditioning unit needs to be replaced or repaired, visit the Mercedes-Benz of Selma service center today. There is nothing quite refreshing than stepping into your cool, air-conditioned vehicle during the summer months. Especially in the greater San Antonio area, the sun beaming down, and humid air can take a toll on you. While we can’t control the weather outside, the A/C units of your Mercdes-Benz give you climate control ability for every commute.

Unfortunately, these beneficial systems wear down and require regular maintenance. Rejuvenate your air conditioning system with our Meercedes-Benz Service Center. Whether the problem is attributed to a lack of freon, your A/C fittings becoming loose, or your O-rings, hoses, or seals wearing out, we are here to provide service to you.

What are the Signs of a Defective A/C System?

These multiple warning signs to watch for when determining if your A/C system is not working properly:

  • Loud Noises – If you hear any noise coming from underneath the hood when turning the climate control off, it’s more than likely that your air conditioner is malfunctioning.
  • Unusual High Cabin Temperature – Cool air not blowing your A/C unit is the ultimate telltale sign of a failed air compressor.
  • Leaking Fluids – Leaking refrigerant not only breaks down your A/C unit, but also does significant damage to your Mercedes-Benz’s evaporator and compressor if not treated at the first sign of trouble. Bearings will need to be replaced as well.
  • Stuck A/C Compressor Clutch – The A/C compressor is the heart of your unit. A stuck clutch would not be able to transfer power from the engine over to the compressor. In most cases, you won’t be able to repair the clutch either if it has seized like this. Your only option is to replace the entire thing.

Schedule Auto A/C Repair at Mercedes-Benz of Selma

If you’ve been dealing with a broken A/C unit, or you’re just beginning to notice a symptom of one, it may be time to bring your Mercedes-Benz in for service or repair. Our Selma Service Department offers service specials to help you save on the cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us today with any questions. We are more than happy to serve you. 

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